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Pictured here is the shadow box we made for Jacks memorial service. I’ve never made anything like this before and to be honest I was nervous about doing so, I do demolition for a living so building isn’t my strongest skill (yet) but hey we made it, after getting the box together I stained it with some nice stain using a cloth followed by lot’s of clear lacquer, Jennifer had already made all the fancy little scrapbook goodies that would sit inside, then together we placed them all inside and sealed the box for his memories to be safe and visible to us to see whenever we walked by.

It’s one thing to make something like this as a gift or for a nice collection to sit on your wall, yet for us this was to keep all of our late son Jacks belongings in so we can see them every day, it now sits nicely among our family pictures on the ‘growing’ picture wall in our living room.

I don’t find my days any easier, and I’m sure I won’t for a long time, infact our little shadow box is a constant reminder of what we’ve just lost in our lives. I can be outside working on the yard and he just pops into my thoughts, nothing triggers it so to speak, I just think a lot when I’m alone, and I can’t stop my tears, I some what get mad and feel worthless and I have to remind myself it wasn’t something that we did or caused, it was just one of those weird things. One thing I do know from this is that Jennifer will make a great mother when the time comes, she was so nervous about being a ‘good mum’ yet when it all happened she took care of Jack like he was our 3rd child, it’s crazy how people change when placed into a situation.

Jennifer still not doing too well, we both grieve differently, I’m a quiet person that soaks emotions and feelings up like a sponge, where as Jennifer likes to be open and talk about them. I don’t personally think there is only one way to deal with this, each to there own. Like I’m able to sleep on a night when I climb in bed usually yet Jennifer is only getting 2-3 hours a night, she wakes sweating and confused and often has dreams about Jack of which some are nightmares and some are pleasant, I’m sure it’s because her mind is in overdrive with all that we have just gone through, I know mine starts going a mile a minute when I’m not occupied.

I want to personally thank you all again (I can’t tell you enough times) for your wonderful comments, gifts and donations, you have no idea how much everything has helped us with this.

For those of you who are ‘Fans’ on our Facebook page, thank you also, y0ur support means the world to us also, if you want to become a fan you can use the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

Here are a few more pictures for you to view of Jacks Shadow Box and Jacks tiny Urn:

Jack's Urn Home Now Shadow Box

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7 Responses to “Memorial Shadow Box”

  1. sara says:

    my thoughts and love will be with you both ,always .xxxxx

  2. Karla Sialtsis says:

    What a lovely idea, you guys are remarkable, handling this in such a positive way. You will both make amazing parents and i know this will happen you for both very soon.

  3. michelle winter says:

    you guys have so much love you’ll make a fantastic mummy and daddy one day soon i hope ,i love the shadow box its beatifull xxx

  4. William J. Craven says:

    I pray God blesses you and your family!

  5. Catherine Andryjowicz says:

    Your shadow box is beautiful! I am currently getting things together to put the only picture i have of me and my dad when I was child and the rose I received from his casket in a shadow box…much like yours. Thank you for the inspiration of how I can have something in my home in remembrance of my late father. God bless.

  6. Vicki Brand says:

    What a wonderful way to preserve his life always. I volunteer at an organization you may want to reach out to they are wonderfully supportive to parents who have suffered such a great loss.

    They were founded and are run by parents who have had a child die. They offer so much. We have an annual conference each year that is attended by people from around the world.

  7. Sarah says:

    This is beautiful. On October 29th it was the one year “anniversary” (I hate that term but what other word can ya use?) of the passing of our son Kannen. Unfortunately, my birthday is Halloween….so its not so easy to have a happy birthday, at least not the past two years. Kannen was 13wks early and he was only on 20% oxygen, everything else about him was a healthy baby boy! He was even over weight for how early he was! Kannen lived 37hours, after 32hrs he took a turn for the worst and after grueling 5hrs, my son lost his battle. This year has been SO HARD! I have a shadow box I want to make for him, I just cant bring myself to do it yet. I still have every flower from the birth, and funeral, n I have his hair clipping, foot prints, ECT. I just wanted to tell you, from one grieving mother to another, you’re not alone in the pain you feel. Parents like us have a special bond to each other that NO ONE else could EVER understand or imagine! I love you beautiful shadow box for your precious Jack, and I hope hes keeping my Kannen company in heaven. God bless you!

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